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Erená - My latest work!

2017-07-05 05:48:38 by Conquestus

Isn't she beautiful? :D


Artwork - Seeker

2017-05-07 19:54:57 by Conquestus

Finally I found some time to finish an artwork. Was more for testing reasons, to get to know some functions and tools I've never used before... And now I wonder why I didn't.



2015-12-13 08:25:41 by Conquestus

Take my hand and let us drown together.



I'm awake, I'm awake! Here! Get some music and let me sleep a little bit! Just five more minutes.


Sorry, I was dead

2015-10-18 08:26:21 by Conquestus

Whoops, that was a long break. But here I am, returning with something new from me:


Tumblr Blog

2015-06-21 01:52:43 by Conquestus

So I started a tumblr blog. But I guess it's pretty uninteresting for the most of you, since it's more about German lyrics of mine. Anyways, if you want to have a look on it, feel free.

Link here ->


Thanks, have fun and a nice day/night!

Ayzit (v1) @ DeviantArt

2015-05-09 07:25:01 by Conquestus

You can find my latest artwork at DeviantArt too.




Conquestus is now at soundcloud!

2014-12-26 03:17:05 by Conquestus

So I guess it's about time: Now you can find Conquestus at soundcloud too!

At the moment the stuff is being uploaded, I guess in the next days the whole process should be finished.


You find it here:


Thanks and have fun!

New Track Online! - Mindless

2013-08-27 12:22:38 by Conquestus

You find it here: Conquestus - Mindless

2013 Submissions, until now

2013-07-15 11:11:54 by Conquestus

Here my submissions for this year so far :P
I hope you enjoy them.

Conquestus - Burned by love
Conquestus - Wasted World
Conquestus - Dreaming
Conquestus - Bright Woods
Conquestus - Headache
Conquestus - Silent Heart
Conquestus - A Beautiful World


2013 Submissions, until now